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Incoming student

Welcome to the University of Gothenburg!

On these pages we gather information for international students admitted for spring semester 2015. Here you will be continuously updated with relevant information for the different stages in your preparations for arrival in Gothenburg. 

International students are often referred to as free mover students or exchange students. Sometimes the procedures are different between the two groups, for example the application process. 

Please note that the Arrival and Welcome Programme information concern both groups. 

What type of student am I?

An exchange student comes to the University of Gothenburg through an exchange agreement. The student is here for a limted amount of time usually one or two semesters.

A free mover student is an international student that applies for courses or full programmes without involvement from another University.

Contact Service Centre

If you have questions you are welcome to contact our Service centres. 

E-mail: servicecenter@gu.se
Phone: ( 46) (0)31 786 65 00
Phone hours: Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00

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