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The Nordic collaboration provides great opportunities for studies in the other Nordic countries without having to delay graduation.

The NORDPLUS network is a subject-oriented education network for higher education institutions in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The NORDLYS network is an interdisciplinary network that targets students who cannot apply for a scholarship through established subject-oriented networks. NORDLYS also targets students interested in studying a subject that is not offered at the home university.

Included countries

Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Length of study abroad

1-12 months.


As an exchange student, you do not need to pay a tuition fee at the host university. However, you do need to cover all other expenses. You are eligible for student finance while abroad since your exchange studies will be applied towards your degree.


At present, the Nordplus/Nordlys scholarship amounts to 200 €/month, conditional on allocation of funding to the networks. A travelling allowance is added to this amount. If exchange studies via Nordplus are not possible for financial reasons, a transfer to the Erasmus programme can be made (if an Erasmus agreement has been signed).
Read more about exchange studies within the Erasmus programme

Who is eligible?

Ask your Department’s study counsellor or equivalent if your Department is part of a Nordplus network. If not, then Nordlys is for you.

Where can I study?

Click below for a list of universities and university colleges that are part of the Nordlys network.

Nordlys members


Contact Information

Kjell Malmgren

Box 100, 405 30 Göteborg

Visiting Address:
Viktoriagatan 13

031-786 53 37

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