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Study in Europe within the Erasmus programme

Erasmus is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), and its purpose is to stimulate collaboration between EU member states. The Erasmus programme includes both exchange studies and placements.

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Included countries

The 27 EU member states, the EFTA countries (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland), Turkey, Switzerland and Croatia.

Length of study abroad

3-12 months and you must be enrolled at the University of Gothenburg at the time of application.


As an exchange student, you do not need to pay a tuition fee at the host university. However, you do need to cover all other expenses. You are eligible for student finance while abroad since your exchange studies will be applied towards your degree. Contact CSN for more information.


The Erasmus scholarship amounts to € 1500. Students who study abroad for longer than three months receive a second disbursement based on the number of months of exchange studies in addition to the initial three.

Nominated students receive scholarship information via e-mail from the central Erasmus coordinator. Note that the scholarship does not require a special application – all nominated students are awarded an Erasmus scholarship.

When the host university is located in a country with a small language, it may be possible to apply for an extra language course, EILC.

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Do you want more information?

If you have academic questions, please contact the coordinator at your Department and/or Faculty.
For other questions related to the Erasmus programme, please e-mail erasmus@gu.se

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