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Application process

We recommend that you print this information before completing the application. See the printer-friendly version to the right on this page.

Step 1 – Apply online

Complete your application electronically. Before you start, read the instructions from your Faculty.

First time you log in you have to create an account with you name and email address. Then you get a link to the set password for the account. The password must be at least 8 characters long and include a special character and a digit. Then you log in to the application portal and start your application.

Indicate your choice of host university on the application form. Complete the application carefully. You will be given the opportunity to make changes if necessary until you submit the application.

You may return to the main menu at any time by using the left menu. You do not need to complete the entire form at once. If you want to leave the form and continue later, just use the "Save progress" button. To continue, log in again with your user name and password, so be sure to keep track of them carefully.

Step 2 – Personal letter, CV, LADOK report, portfolio and photo

Once you have submitted your electronic application, you will be able to access it as a PDF. Your application is complete when you submit the application. There are some mandatory field to fill in and som field for uploading files.

  1. Upload a passport-style photo of yourself. (In JPG)
  2. Upload other requested documents as part of application (In pdf).

If you do not have access to a printer, save the PDF and print it later.
The online application is only the first step in the application process.

As there may be additional instructions related to the online application, read the instructions from your Faculty carefully!

Applications to certain non-European universities (university-wide agreements) may be subject to special requirements regarding documentation etc.

Personal letter

You must submit a personal letter written in English with the application. If you are planning to study in a non-English speaking country, the letter should preferably be written in the language spoken in that country, for example in Italian for an Italian university. Yet, do not forget to write an English version as well.
In the letter, explain why you want to participate in the exchange programme and why we should choose you. Also, describe your language skills and explain what makes you a good ambassador for your Faculty and the University of Gothenburg. Upload the letter in Pdf in the application form.


The CV shall contain relevant information about your education, yet other relevant achievements and experiences, such as summer research, exhibitions, projects and lab experience, should be included as well. Upload the CV in the application form.

LADOK report

To show evidence of credits earned from the University of Gothenburg and possibly other higher education institutions, you must submit a detailed LADOK report. Documentation of studies at the University of Gothenburg can be accessed here. In order to access documentation for other universities/university colleges, you must contact them directly. Upload the transcript of records to the application form.


Students at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts must submit a portfolio prepared according to special instructions. See the Faculty’s website for more information. Upload the portfolio in the application form if the pdf-file is less then 20MB. Otherwise fill in the link to a place where we can see your portfolio.

Processing of applications

Your application will not be processed until your ENTIRE signed application, including all the supporting documents, has been submitted in MoveOn. If possible, we recommend that you as part of the application process make certain that the selected host university offers courses that are relevant to you. See special Faculty information to learn more.

Changing the application

If you want to change any information in the application after you submit the form you have to contact you coordinator.

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Use the University-wide system MoveOn to apply.

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